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A HYPOCRITES GUIDE TO SURVIVING HEARTBREAK: Just 100 things to remember and think about.

1. Breathe.
2. Cry as much as you want.
3. Ice cream and sad music just became your new best friends.
4. They’re hurting too, they just make it look easier.
5. You’re worth it, don’t ever think otherwise
6. Write about it
7. Sing about it
8. Breathe
9. Burn EVERYTHING that reminds you of them.
10. Make a change about yourself. (A positive one)
11. Start meeting new people
12. You’re allowed to hit rock bottom but Don’t. Shut. Down.
13. Forgive yourself, even though it will be the hardest part.
14. Forgive them, even though it may be impossible.
15. Don’t try to forget them, it’ll only make it worse.
16. Revenge isn’t always the best solution. Just trust karma.
17. Put down the blade
18. Eat a meal I bet it’s been a couple days
19. Do all the things that you weren’t able to do before.
20. Be better than that relationship.
21. Smile even when it hurts
22. Don’t let the memories win.
23. You don’t have to go back to him/her.
24. There’s tons of fish in the sea, don’t trip over a guppy.
25. This was a lesson I hope you were taking notes.
26. Be honest with yourself, you knew this wasn’t going to last forever.
27. You weren’t the only one at fault here.
28. Breathe.
29. Don’t check up on them, that’ll make it hurt even worse.
30. Surround yourself with positivity. Don’t isolate yourself.
31. You’re beautiful.
32. Fuck them.
33. They missed out on you, you aren’t missing anything by staying with them.
34. The world is still turning
35. Spend money on yourself.
36. Get high. (Weed only, any other drug is a fucking waste of time)
37. Get drunk (But be smart)
38. Kiss a stranger
39. Dance in the street.
40. Stay true to yourself, this is not the end.
41. Buy yourself flowers.
42. Eat an entire roll of cookie dough.
43. Work out
44. Make a heartbreak playlist and cry to it.
45. Make a fuck you playlist and scream to it.
46. Now delete those and make a “new me” playlist and jam out.
47. Don’t forget to breathe
48. Remember that you are young and the world is always going to be cruel.
49. Love yourself
50. Put on lipstick or wear a tie, either way dress like you’re gonna see your ex.
51. You will have other chances, with other people.
52. Was it love? Or was it lust? Think about it.
53. Think of this as a new beginning.
54. Use your hate as fuel.
55. On and off relationships are an automatic failure. Just saying. Fuck that shit.
56. Happiness is something you create YOURSELF.
57. Think of all the money you’ll save by being single for a while.
58. Block her number
69. Cry a little more
70. Go apologize to everyone for being an asshole to them.
71. One sided relationship usually never work.
72. You’re prettier anyway.
74. Go for a long drive
75. You’re not dying. your heart just feels empty
76. Nothing lasts forever
77. You deserve better
78. Buy a kitten!
79. Go on a shopping spree
80. Don’t. Hurt. Yourself.
81. Alright, after 5 months, get rid of the blanket.
82. After 6 months sell the ring.
83. After 7 months try to learn a thing or two about independence.
84. They don’t care, so you shouldn’t either.
85. First love is the worst.
86. First love barely knows anything.
87. You were young and stupid.
88. Forgive yourself.
89. Your scars will heal.
90. Your heart with recover.
91. You. Will. Recover.
93. Find a job, laying on your ass sucks.
94. I promise, it’s not the end of the world.
95. If she calls make sure she knows she’s blocked.
96. If you see her one the street, stick one finger in air. (Demi reference)
97. It’s not going to be easy.
98. They didn’t deserve you.
99. Fuck them.
100. You’re still breathing.

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A rabble of Blue Morpho butterflies in the Amazon rain forest, Brazil.
Photo by Kelvin Hudson via Reddit


A rabble of Blue Morpho butterflies in the Amazon rain forest, Brazil.

Photo by Kelvin Hudson via Reddit

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